Quick Creation of Door and Window markers in Elevation

Those of you who use the automatic dimension markers in plan may have discovered the slight frustration in that the same markers are not available in elevation without manual placement.
A quick and simple way around this to place door and window markers that match your plan markers is as follows:
1. Open each elevation in turn and repeat the following sequence to place window markers(door markers are done in the same fashion)
2. With an elevation open and active, select all windows (activate the window tool and press Ctrl+A or Cmd+A).
3. Then, open the settings dialog and tick the Label Window option (screenshot below)
then, click ok.
you should then see that ArchiCAD places a label for every window on the current elevation.
4. select all the placed window labels you’ve just placed by going undo(Ctrl/Cmd z) and then re-do(Ctrl+Shift Z /Cmd +alt Z), then open the settings of the label tool to 5.
5. Change the Label type (screenshot below).
Change it to Curtain Wall DW Label.
6. Then go to the label marker settings(screenshot below) to set the characteristics of the marker to match your floor plan markers or customise as required for elevations.
Or if you have favourites set up, you can access your favourites from the button in the top left corner(screenshot below)
Note: This will require that your windows have their ID’s set correctly.

2 thoughts on “Quick Creation of Door and Window markers in Elevation”

  1. Mark –

    Nice article!

    I do have a few suggestions that will speed this process up a little more by setting up your preferred Window and Door Label options in the Label Default settings ahead of time.

    With nothing selected, open up the Label Settings and in the upper left select the Window tool (or Door tool) to set up your preferred graphic options. Select the Curtain Wall DW Label 16 or similar in the upper right, then modify the actual parameters. Click OK to confirm your new settings for labeling windows in elevation or section.

    This will record your preferences, so all you will have to do in each elevation is to select all the windows (or doors) and click the Label Window (or Label Door) checkbox (which you can find in the Info palette, you don’t have to open the Window or Door Settings). Voilá, all of your windows (or doors) in that elevation will be labeled; all you will have to do is to move each one into the preferred position for legibility.

    For more tips on how to annotate elements using ArchiCAD’s intelligent labeling tool, check out my YouTube video:
    ArchiCAD Tutorial | How to Label Elements Automatically

    For more smart tips on using ArchiCAD efficiently, check out the other videos on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/EricBobrow. Subscribe to my channel and you’ll be notified when I post another video.

    Eric Bobrow
    San Rafael, California
    Serving ArchiCAD users worldwide as a teacher and consultant


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