Morph Tool: how to offset a specific distance from the edges without using construction lines


Most users believe they need construction lines to denote a specific distance when offsetting from the face of the morph to create another face for editing, though it is a new tool in ArchiCAD 16, it is quite simple to use because one has to use the normal commands of ArchiCAD, namely, the pet pallet and the shortcut key to create a copy on a keyboard.

  1. For demonstration purpose, select a morph tool on a tool box, then select a box geometry method on the information box as per screen shot below.
  2. after selecting the above mentioned, draw a solid box morph, the first two (2) clicks create an orthogonal rectangle in the editing plane and the third (3rd) click denotes the hight.
  3. Then select the desired face of the Morph you have created by clicking the mouse while pressing ctrl+shift. Snap it on the edge or node, the pet pallet will appear, where we will choose the offset all edges command.
  4. While offsetting, the whole body of the morph will offset, this is where we must use the shortcut key on the key board to create a copy, Alt for Mac and Ctrl for Windows.
  5. The new offsetting face will appear and we can input the distance numerically using the tracker.

The Video below illustrates the above mentioned steps;

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