CineRender: How to get a custom background to display through glass

Having CineRender in ArchiCAD 18 is great, that is until you want to add your own custom backgrounds to your interior renders. There is the small issue where the custom background does not display behind glass in renders as illustrated in the image below.Marked

What causes this issue? It’s simple, the standard weather presets in CineRender are apart of the Physical Sky and require a setting to turn them off, not just for the background purposes, but also for the surfaces that they might reflect or refract in.

To find these settings, we need to look at the Compositing settings in the Detailed setting part of the CineRender palette.

This can be found when clicking the Detailed Settings button ➝ Environment ➝ Physical sky ➝ Compositing. Here we see 4 settings that have to do with the weather preset sky background. These 4 setting are all ticked as the default setting.

Sky Visibility, when ticked off, allows CineRender to display your custom background and still use the sun settings from the weather preset.

Sky Luminance, does not really affect your custom background image; if it is turned off, CineRender will only calculate the light from the Physical Sky, so your sky colour will not appear in your renders.

Sky Reflection, affects your reflective surfaces, turning this off will result in your surfaces not reflecting the weather preset sky.

Sky Refraction, is the important setting when working with glass surfaces and custom backgrounds, turning this off will display your custom background image through glass surfaces.

So to fix this small issue, make sure when using a custom background, that your settings look something like this.

Working with these settings should result in your custom background displaying through window or glass surfaces.Final

License Borrowing – Security Measures

Borrow License feature allows users to temporarily borrow ArchiCAD License from a net key. This feature is very delicate and requires users to control the key carefully, it has a security feature which may prevent borrowing for a limited time.

The security feature is called Borrow Dummy, it is introduced to prevent multiplication of licenses and once Borrow Dummies appear in a borrow net key they will prevent individual users to borrow licenses for a specific period of time.


To prevent Borrow Dummies from taking over the borrow licenses, make sure not to:

  • Restart the Server (Where Key is plugged in),
  • Unplug the Key or
  • Restart the CM Service while there are borrowed licenses.

Before any of the above-mentioned are performed ensure that all the licenses are returned or the plague of the Borrow Dummies might distract the usual workflow.


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