ArchiCAD Compatibility With Apple iMac With Retina 4k or 5k Display

Apple iMac with 4K or 5K displays are very extreme, besides having high specs, they project the highest resolution withoutScreen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.05.44 AM equal on the market, in fact they are four times higher than a regular 27″ iMac, therefore, it would be normal for individuals especially us ArchiCAD users to assume that this beast will run our software with same passion and power.

But before making this conclusion please find important information and known issues and/or setbacks of iMac’s Retina display on Graphisoft’s article here.

ArchiCAD May Freeze On Windows Platforms

ArchiCAD has shown several signs of freezing in windows platforms, this issue may be caused by a number of technical problems, for instance, doing a render on a background while working on a floor plan view, large number of polygons on a detail etc. All compatible versions of ArchiCAD may be affected.

List Of Issue and Possible causes:

  • More than one task on ArchiCAD may require excessive usage of RAM, this may lead to freezing. It turns out that a possible cause could be nVidia GeForce an application related to nVidia Graphic Card. Read Graphisoft article here
  • Not meeting recommended system requirements: check here

ArchiCAD 18 specific freezing technical issues

  • Render and surface settings dialogue box might be slow and this is planned to be fixed in the next update.__62376
  • Complex Profiles may contain a large number of polygons due to a large scale, revert to a recommended scale of 1:50

For more details of the above mentioned issues please visit the following link:


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